Jo's Organic - DAMASK (Facial Rose Water)

Calming & hydrating healthy skin dose, for a younger, fresher, and smoother skin. Jo’s Organic Damask is rich in all natural ingredients that instantly sustain the PH balance and rejuvenate tired skin; help create a vibrant, plump and youthful complexion. It contains pure and natural Rose Water that reduces fine facial lines and tightens stubborn pores.

How to Use:
• Spray on your face to refresh and cool your skin and help protect it from the elements and environmental toxins.
• Dab a few drops on pads of cotton/wool and place over closed eyes for ten minutes to ease away tension.
• Add some to bathwater for a fragrant, rejuvenating experience. After cleansing, moisten a cotton ball with Jo’s
  Organic DAMASK and pat your face and neck.
• Mix it with Jo’s Organic Face Packs
• Pure Jo’s Organic DAMASK has cooling effect on skin and can be used throughout the day for a refreshing      experience. Just spritz the water on your face and neck

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Damask - Facial Rose Water

  • Brand: Jos
  • Product Code: TN-001
  • Availability: 99
  • Weight: 75.00ml
  • Rs.350